Battery Volt Tester

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A battery tester also known as a voltage meter lets you know exactly how full your batteries are, so you'll never be caught again with flat batteries.

As explained in the Country Comfort Water Heater Instruction Manual one of the main reasons your unit won't ignite is that the batteries aren't holding over the 1.5V charge in each one. 

The batteries have three important jobs. The piezo ignition, LED temperature illumination but most importantly to hold the gas solenoid open whilst functioning.

This is a must investment when you are travelling, not just to test your batteries for your portable water heater but any battery that you have operating your appliances.
  • Quickly test the battery capacity, no battery required.
  • Easy-to-read LCD digital display.
  • Mini compact battery tester, portable and easy to operate.
  • Universal battery checking tester to test most batteries.
  • Wide test applications: 1.2~4.8V batteries type of AA, AAA, D, C, 9v, 1.5v etc