KOVIX KTR-18 Alarmed Trailer Lock

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Theft is a growing problem these days, with precious belongings getting stolen whilst caravanning and camping, ruining that holiday you've been planning all year.

Can you just imagine arriving back at your campsite and finding either your Country Comfort portable hot shower, bike, boat, BBQ, or even your caravan or camper trailer has gone on someone else's holiday?

Over the years, I've heard so many stories of a Country Comfort going walkabout or even more devastating camper trailers. So, we are now a proud stockist of the KOVIX lock. Now you can help protect and prevent this from happening to you with a KOVIX anti-theft device.

The Kovix KTR-18 lock is an innovative trailer lock, designed for maximum security that has an in-built alarm to prevent and deter those budding thieves from being tempted to inherit your prized belongings.

Designed by Kovix Australia, the heavy-duty KTR-18 alarmed trailer lock is made from 304-grade stainless steel. 

The Kovix lock is triggered by a motion sensor that activates the 120dB alarm for 10 seconds.

Built to suit standard 50mm ball hitches, Off-Road DO35 and Treg-style block hitches

The KTR-18 is tough, smart and versatile


  • Built-in 120db Alarm System
  • Ultra Strong. Heavy-duty, stainless steel construction
  • Long-life lithium battery
  • Weatherproof electronics
  • Rust resistant
  • 18mm stainless steel pin with anti-cutting sleeve
  • Removable ball to fit DO35/45 and other hitches
  • On and Off Alarm modes
  • Includes Storage Case
  • Resistant to impact, drilling and cutting