Top Safety Tips For Using The Country Comfort Portable LPG Water Heater

Top Safety Tips For Using The Country Comfort Portable LPG Water Heater

When travelling or camping, having access to hot water can make all the difference. Portable LPG water heaters provide an easy way to heat up your water when you’re on the move. However, it is important to make sure that you are using them safely. 

Read on for our top safety tips for using the Country Comfort portable LPG water heater. 

Check Your Gas Supply 

It’s crucial to check the gas supply of your Country Comfort portable LPG water heater before use. Never place the gas cylinder directly beside or above the appliance. Check the connection for leaks by coating the connections with soapy water. Do not use a flame. If bubbles occur or a leak is detected, turn the cylinder valve off, “close” retighten all connections and retest. If you notice any issues with the gas supply, do not use the heater and have it repaired instead. 

Only use the hose assembly as supplied with this appliance for connection to the cylinder – do not use adapters. 

Do not keep spare cylinders near the heater, as this can be a fire risk if a leak occurs. 

Prepare Properly 

Find a suitable sturdy, non-combustible vertical surface to hang the appliance. The surface should be at least 300mm clear from the sides and 1000mm from the top of all combustible surfaces, fabrics, flammable materials & people. 

Check that seals between the appliance and the gas container are in place and in good condition before connecting the gas container. 

Check that all connections are tight and that the gas cylinder connection has been tightened before you turn the cylinder gas valve on. 

Inspect the appliance regularly for signs of wear, leaks or incorrect operation. If symptoms such as flaring of the burners, issues with lighting, damages to hoses or connections or leaks from seals or gas controls are identified do not attempt to repair. 

To check if gas remains in the cylinder, disconnect from the appliance, and hold the cylinder in a vertical position then shake from side to side, if there is a sound or feel of liquid movement inside the cylinder contains gas. 

When changing gas cylinders ensure this is conducted outside in a well- ventilated location free from people, animals & ignition sources such as naked flames, pilot lights & electrical equipment such as heaters or elements. 

Be Careful With Your Placement 

When setting up your Country Comfort portable LPG water heater, always make sure that it is placed away from any combustible materials and out of reach of children and pets. 

This appliance must only be used in an above-ground open-air situation with natural ventilation, without stagnant areas, where gas leakage is rapidly dispersed.

Properly following these safety tips can help ensure you get the maximum benefit from your portable LPG water heater without having to worry about potential dangers associated with its use. 


Remember, always check for signs of wear and tear before use, prepare adequately, and always ensure correct placement away from combustible items and open flames.

Never leave the appliance unattended when operating. 

By following these simple steps, you will be able to enjoy hot showers wherever you go without compromising safety standards!

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store my portable LPG water heater?

The Country Comfort is designed for outdoor use. This appliance is to be stored in a dry & well- ventilated location free from direct sunlight, heat, and ignition sources. Make sure that the cylinder is disconnected. Do not store when still connected to the cylinder. If being stored indoors, ensure that the location complies with the standard AS/NZS1596. 

What kind of ventilation is required when using a portable LPG water heater?

Only use in a well-ventilated area. It is designed for outdoor use.

Can I use a portable LPG water heater to heat other liquids besides water?

No. The Country Comfort is designed as a portable hot shower.

How do I know if my portable LPG water heater is safe to use?

The Country Comfort is easy to use but before installing and using it, you must read its instruction manual through carefully. It provides information for a safe installation, use and maintenance and always keep it in a safe place for future reference. 

For peace of mind, the Country Comfort portable LPG water heater is equipped with the following safety features. 

Over temperature sensor – The appliance will not allow the burner to remain in operation once the outlet water temperature reaches 50 °C. To relight the burner, you will need to turn the water flow off and back on and adjust the water flow. 

Water flow sensor – Water must be flowing through the system to allow the burner to ignite. In the case that the water supply is restricted or ceases, for example, if you close the water flow at the shower nozzle, the burner will be extinguished and will not relight until the water flow recommences. 

Tilt switch – Ensure that the appliance is completely vertical for operation. Any slight lean will extinguish the burner. Adjust the appliance and re-ignite. 

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