Country Comfort 6lpm 35psi Water Pressure Pump

What is the best pump size for my Country Comfort Water Heater system?

What is the best size pump for the Country Comfort Water Heater system?

The Country Comfort is a 6lpm hot water system. Which means you will get 6lpm through the shower. However, this does depend on what pump size you have. So, it’s really the individual’s choice at what set-up you wish to achieve.

I will explain in simple terms as what to expect with each size pump that Country Comfort can supply for you. The choice is yours. All of our pumps are self-priming, pressure activated. They are not submersible.

4.3lpm 35psi Water Pressure Pump 

This is our most common pump that we sell with the unit. It is made for the camper who is very water conscious when they are out and about. It is most commonly used with pumping water out of a 20lt container, jerry can, or camper trailer. The thing you have to remember is that it will only run the system at 4.3lpm. So, if you do try to increase your water flow past 4.3lpm, the Country Comfort will shut down as there is not enough pressure to keep the system operating. In saying that, it is great for short showers. It has approximately 3-5m radius with 1m head. You can purchase this as a package in the Country Comfort – The Essential.

6lpm 35psi Water Pressure Pump  

This pump will run the system at its full capacity - 6lpm.You can also draw from a water source up to 20m.  This is great for your camper trailer especially if you are setting your shower further away from your campsite. Other great uses are

running the Country Comfort Water Heater with a dual outlet – where running one hose to the shower and one to the sink. Another is for the horses wash bay. The list is endless. You can purchase this as a package in the Country Comfort – The Essential Plus6.

12.5lpm 40psi Water Pressure Pump

This is the ultimate pump. Even though it is 12.5lpm the Country Comfort is still only going to disperse 6lpm. The upside to this, is campers love it who are totally off grid and love camping next to creeks, dams etc. It has a stainless-steel filter that catches the muck from the creeks and also can pump up to 30m with a 10m head. Campers love this especially when they are in a big group. This pump is also excellent when horse lovers are doing endurance events or at shows. You can purchase this as a package in the Country Comfort – The Deluxe.

I hope I’ve been able to enlighten you in the differences of our water pressure pumps. I am always available to answer any questions either via messenger on our website or contact us directly on 0438 242 873 or 0412 111 656.

Happy camping.

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