What is the Best Portable Water Heater?

What is the Best Portable Water Heater?

What is the best Portable Water Heater?

Hi, Rhonda here from Country Comfort Water Heater. So, my next Blog…. I’m going to answer that most asked question – “What is the best Portable Gas Water Heater” and “Why is ours better”?

When people Google asking that question, they are always going to get a different answer. So as the customer, what is it that you are looking for that makes you want to buy the best, most reliable portable LPG water heater for Australian conditions?

I know as a customer, the first thing I look for is Price - I don’t have a disposal income, so I’m looking for a great product with a great price.

I then I look for Quality - what am I getting for this price? Is this going to last? What are the specifications?

I then ask myself - is it going to suit my needs? what After Sales Service do I receive if I need assistance? What is the warranty? I will also look at reviews.

In the end, the best Portable Gas Water Heater is going to be what is best for you as the consumer.

So, today, I want to enlighten you with the facts at why our unit – The Country Comfort Water Heater Shower System is the best portable gas water heater in Australia and has been since 2012, way before any other certified unit on the market.

Country Comfort Tankless Portable LPG Water Heaters are the most versatile unit on the market these days. It offers an endless supply of instant hot water at your required temperature without the need for electricity.

The technology behind tankless water heaters is amazingly simple. Water passes through a set of coils that function like a boiler. A computer sensor ignites a burner, which heats the coils. Water heats up within seconds. The system shuts off when the water flow ends. You have complete control over its performance with 3 adjustment levels.

High / Low Control - to guarantee the most comfortable hot water in four seasons.

Water Flow - Adjust Min / Max water flow rate, also effects temperature output.

Gas Flow – Adjust Min/Max for heat control.


  • Dimensions: Compact design at only 440 x 300 x 140mm
  • Weight: 4.7kgs
  • FLOW RATE: 2 – 6lpm. Heats in excess of 360 litres per hour instantly at required temperature
  • LED DISPLAY: Digital display screen for adjusting temperature and easy diagnostics
  • GAS HOSE: Fully approved LPG hose and regulator
  • FACEPLATE: Sleek, modern design. The only stainless-steel faceplate for optimum durability
  • DRAINAGE: Easy drainage for freezing conditions
  • MAX TEMP OUTPUT: 50°C phase out for safety
  • POWER: 3V
  • GAS: Propane LPG
  • INTERNAL: Commercial-grade stainless steel heat exchanger and full brass water manifold
  • WATER PRESSURE: MIN 15kPa, MAX 750 kPa
  • TESTED TO: 15000 cycles
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: Wind Protected, Rain, Shock & Dust Resistant
  • RUN TIME FROM A 9KG GAS BOTTLE: All dependent on ambient water: 20-35hrs
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: 7 days a week to personal mobile
  • WARRANTY – Unchallenged 5yr Limited Warranty.


Endless supply of hot water without the cost

Energy Efficiency:  Saving you approximately 60% of your energy bills

Ultra-low emissions leaving almost no carbon footprint

No start-up lag eliminates cold water waste

No Electricity needed (2 x D Cell batteries)

Portable & Tankless (For Outdoor Use Only)


No old-fashioned dangerous pilot light.

Overheating sensor - The appliance will automatically shut down when the outlet water reaches +50°C.

Water Flow Sensor - The burners will automatically extinguish if the water flow ceases or becomes restricted.

Tilt Sensor - The appliance must remain vertical to operate. If it is not completely vertical or knocked over, it will automatically extinguish the burners, for added safety.

To find out more information contact us on 0438 242 873 or 0412 111 656. Visit www.countrycomfortwaterheater.com.au

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