Please contact us if you have any questions. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy a Country Comfort Shower System and what makes yours different?

We are the original designers of the first unit ever certified within Australia. We started designing our unit in 2006 and after years of testing we received our Australian Certification in July 2012. We are the only Company that offers an industry leading 5yr Warranty. Our unit has a Stainless Steel front panel, stainless steel burners and full brass manifold. The major trailer companies insist on using our unit due to its durability for the tough Aussie conditions.

Q: How long has the Country Comfort unit been on the market?

The Country Comfort Portable LPG Water Heater System was the first certified unit back in July 2012. That is why we offer an industry leading, unmatched 5 year warranty.

Q: Can I use the unit on my horse float?

Yes of course within the parameters of our technical guidelines. The water heater can be positioned externally and have the shower inside for personal use and outside for the horsey use. 10% of our sales are to the horse industry.

Q: I have a camper trailer, where is a good place to hang the unit?

Ideally should be positioned close to where you want to shower and away from your living area. Because of its versatility and only weighing 4.7kgs it can be hung in a location that suits you. Because we supply to most of the top camper trailer companies throughout Australia, we have an abundance of customer photos from testimonials that can give you an idea and can be seen on our website or you can contact us directly.

Q: Can I use the water heater on mains water in our backyard to use around the pool and hook it up to my gas bottle on the BBQ?

Perfect for this situation. Because we use brass manifolds and high-quality components, our unit is the only unit that will withstand and hold mains water pressure permanently. With a 9kg gas bottle you can expect 20-30hrs (depending on ambient water temperature) of constant hot water supply.

Q: Can you set the temperature of the unit?

Yes, you can just by adjusting your gas level, a very simple procedure.

Q: Are you able to run a longer hose to get to our shower tent when camping?

Certainly can. We have a range of shower hose lengths up to 4m available on our website.

Q: Do you have accessories like tents and shower stands?

Yes, we do. We have a full range of accessories on our website to compliment our hot water heater and for your outdoor and adventure activities.

Q: We live in Cooma where the temperature gets below zero, do I need to drain the unit?

You certainly will under those conditions. All easy to follow instructions and diagrams are set out in the Instruction Manual.

Q: We have a bush block with no electricity, would this unit provide enough water to reach our shower and sink in our makeshift container?

We have many of our customers using our unit for exactly the same purpose. This will solve your hot water requirements.