Oct 8 2020.... I have recently purchased the LPG hot water system from Country Comfort after shopping around at camping shows and online. I purchased this product firstly because the main housing and flame arrestor was stainless. Most of these hot water shower systems are not completely stainless. The other reason was price point, it was reasonable and was very impressed with what I got for the money.

The operation of the unit is a breeze and I am in disbelief how quickly the water becomes hot. The other great operation is that once set you can forget as you only have to activate the shower head which has an on/off switch and the flame will light and piping hot water will be available in about 8 seconds.
This unit is quality and has been well engineered for the avid camper. Cheers again Country Comfort Michael - Gympie Qld Ps the shipment was super quick too.

Sept 13, 2020.... Just like to say a big thank u to Stephen Turner from Country Comfort hot water heaters. You went above and beyond for customer service when our hot water system wouldn’t work in a our Austrack camper. Had a new unit from Sydney to Brisbane in 2 days . Anyone having any problems don’t hesitate to get in contact with Stephen !
Thanks mate , much appreciated...   Caine Wilde

March 29.... What a great product and service to boot! First time using ours today and couldn’t get the ignition going, sent a message to Stephen and he had us up and running immediately! 5 stars from me! Never had showers camping before, usually just end up in the drink! 😂 😂... Mark Bishop, Howes Creek VIC.

Mar 23…. After trailing our country comfort unit at home a few times we finally got to use it while free camping tonight. I have one word.... UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE!!!!!! this system is worth every cent!! After a long day walking around in dust and setting up camp this is exactly what we needed to be fresh clean and ready for a sleep in the swag! I think a few of our camping neighbours will be ordering one soon… Barney Jones

Oct 17, 2017….Had some lighting the burner problems but after a very quick response to a message and a few elimination of possible causes got hot water again from a four year old system. Got to be happy with that :-D - Dane Simmonds‎



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