A Guide to Planning Your Family Camping Trip

A Guide to Planning Your Family Camping Trip

A camping trip can be an amazing bonding experience for the whole family. You get to explore nature and make memories that will last a lifetime. But planning a successful camping trip does take some preparation. 

In this article, we’ll go over all the essentials you need to ensure your family camping trip is a success. 

Having the Right Gear and Equipment 

The first step in planning your family camping trip is making sure you have all the gear and equipment you need. Depending on where you are going, this could include everything from tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses to cookware, flashlights, and even portable toilets. 

Make sure everyone in your group has what they need for outdoor living, such as jackets, hats and sunscreen. And don’t forget about water purification tablets or filters if you plan to drink from natural sources! 

Finding a Great Location

You also want to make sure that you pick a great spot for your camping adventure. Consider factors like proximity to amenities (such as nearby petrol stations or grocery stores) nearby trails or other attractions that can help add some fun activities for your family during the stay. 

Also, consider whether you prefer backcountry campsites or sites with more developed facilities like showers and laundry rooms. And don’t forget about access to fresh water—if it’s not available at the site itself, make sure there is a source nearby so you can fill up all of your containers each day without having to haul along too much extra weight.

Portable LPG Hot Water System 

If you really want your family camping trip to be comfortable, then investing in a portable LPG hot water system might be worth it! This type of system allows campers to have hot showers without having to worry about bringing along large LPG gas cylinders or dealing with complicated setup processes. 

Portable LPG systems are also designed with safety in mind, so they won’t present any fire hazards while in use.             

The Right Clothing 

Don’t forget about clothing! Make sure everyone has appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Layers are always best when temperatures can vary widely during the day/night cycle, as well as sturdy footwear that can handle hiking trails or rocky terrain if needed. 

Sturdy rain gear is also important; after all, no one wants their fun weekend ruined by wet clothes! Don’t forget warm socks either. They can make a world of difference when days become chilly at night.  

Exploring the Area 

Once everything else is taken care of, it’s time for the fun part: exploring! Bring along bikes or kayaks so everyone in your party can enjoy getting out into nature together. 

Some areas may even offer guided tours if you want an extra-special experience with knowledgeable guides who know all there is to know about local wildlife and plants/flora/fauna – just remember that these special trips often require advance reservations, so plan ahead.


Having the right gear ready before setting off on any camping adventure is key, but finding a great location with plenty of sights and activities within reach is just as important for families who want their weekend outdoors filled with memorable experiences that will last long after returning home again. 

Investing in items like portable LPG hot water systems and sturdy rain gear will make things much easier (and more enjoyable!). If you have any questions about portable LPG water heaters, get in touch with the team at Country Comfort Water Heaters today. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I choose a family-friendly campsite?

Prioritise safety, accessibility, and age-appropriate activities when making your decision. Begin by researching reputable campsites with a track record of safety and consider locations that offer easy access to essential amenities like restrooms, potable water, and medical assistance, especially when camping with young children. 

Additionally, seek out campsites that boast a wide variety of recreational activities to keep your family engaged and entertained, such as hiking trails, swimming areas, and outdoor games.

What are some safety tips for camping with children?

Teaching them the importance of staying on designated trails can prevent them from encountering potential hazards such as poisonous plants, insects, or wildlife. 

Additionally, fostering a vigilant approach to leaving food around the campsite is crucial in avoiding unwanted encounters with animals. Furthermore, instructing children on fire safety, such as maintaining a safe distance from open flames and using designated fire pits, would significantly mitigate the risk of accidental burns or fires. 

Lastly, equip them with emergency whistles, and discuss a plan of action in case they get lost – making certain young campers have a grasp of these vital safety measures will ultimately lead to a more enjoyable and carefree family camping excursion.

What gear do I need for a family camping trip?

A durable and weather-resistant tent is essential, along with comfortable sleeping bags, travel-friendly cooking equipment, and reliable lighting sources like headlamps. Don't forget essential items like insect repellent and a well-stocked first aid kit. Investing in quality gear tailored to your family's needs and preferences guarantees a smoother and more enjoyable camping experience for everyone involved.

How can I make sure my family stays comfortable while camping?

Consider investing in a portable LPG water heater to ensure your family's comfort when camping. They supply instant hot water to cater to various needs, such as showering, washing dishes, and cooking. With adjustable temperature settings, you can find the ideal water temperature tailored to your family's preferences, making for a soothing and convenient camping experience. 

Plus, LPG water heaters are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, providing a responsible solution for outdoor living. Remember, a happy family is a comfortable one, so don't underestimate the importance of a reliable portable LPG water heater on your next camping trip! Just remember to do your research on portable LPG water heaters and who has been on the Australian market for a good length of time. At Country Comfort they have been on the Australian market for over 10yrs and were the first certified unit of its’ kind and offer an unmatched 5yr warranty.

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