Country Comfort LPG Vs Electric Water Heaters

Country Comfort LPG Vs Electric Water Heaters

Which is better for camping and caravanning?

When you're camping or caravanning, you want to make sure that your water heating needs are taken care of. But what's the best way to heat your water while on the road? Should you opt for an LPG (propane) water heater or go with an electric one? 

Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of both types so you can decide which is right for your next adventure. 

Country Comfort Portable LPG Water Heaters 

One of the main advantages of using a Country Comfort portable LPG water heater while camping or caravanning is that they are incredibly easy to use and require minimal maintenance. The only thing you need to do is attach the unit to your gas bottle and pressured water, turn the shower head on and you have instantaneous hot water. As they are also portable, they are ideal for those who like to move around a lot. 

However, there are some considerations when comparing LPG-powered water heaters to electric. For starters, LPG is less expensive to run than its electric counterparts. Additionally, you can get 30hrs of showering from a 9kg gas bottle and with no electricity required you are always guaranteed hot water when off the grid. 

Electric Water Heaters 

Electric-powered water heaters are also great options when it comes to camping and caravanning. One of the biggest disadvantages of these is that they tend to be more expensive than their LPG counterparts. They draw power from your camper trailer or caravan and if there is no sun it does make it difficult to charge your batteries.

Electric water heaters require almost zero maintenance, all you have to do is plug them in and let them do their job! The downside with electric-powered water heaters is that they rely solely on electricity, so if there's no power source nearby then your hot shower dreams will remain just that - dreams! 

Additionally, since these appliances require a bit more setup than their LPG counterparts (i.e., setting up cables and wires), they might not always be ideal for those who like quick setups and short stay periods during their caravanning and camping trips. 


When choosing between an LPG vs Electric Water Heater for camping and caravanning adventures it really depends on your individual preferences as well as budget constraints - both options offer great benefits but come with different sets of challenges as well. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective investment, then an LPG-powered option is the best suited for those who want portability without needing too much setup time. Whereas electric-powered ones might better suit those who don't mind investing a little extra money into getting set up easily wherever they go but still want access to reliable hot showers. 

Ultimately though, whichever one you choose, make sure you research extensively before buying so that you get exactly what fits your needs. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is more efficient, LPG or electric water heaters?

Our County Comfort customers often come back and tell us how efficient a portable gas water heater is. For example, I had a customer who brought a Country Comfort back in 2013 at the Queanbeyan 4x4 Show, it is still going 10 years later, and he has it hanging at his hobby farm cabin in Young NSW. He told me that using it every day cost him $10 a month to run. Can’t get more efficient than that.

How do LPG and electric water heaters compare in terms of cost?

An LPG portable water heater can cost anything from $230 to $600. It will always depend on the package that you are getting. The most important comparison is quality. Do your research and investigate the product and its components. With the Country Comfort you are getting a Stainless-Steel faceplate, stainless steel shower head plate, full copper piping, and full brass manifold. All these components give the unit longevity. Also, a 5-year unmatched industry warranty.

Are LPG and electric water heaters equally reliable for camping and caravanning?

Without a doubt, the most reliable and efficient hot water system is an LPG portable water heater.

Can LPG and electric water heaters be used in all camping and caravanning locations?

It really depends on where you are. LPG can be used anywhere as they don’t require electricity to function. Some caravan parks are very hesitant with electric water heaters they are a draw on electricity that becomes an expense, especially in these unprecedented times. This would be something that you would need to discuss with the caravan park.

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