Hot water is an everyday commodity that's easy to take for granted until the first time we're forced to go without it. From showers to cooking and cleaning, a steady stream of hot water that's ready on demand has an infinite number of applications.

Unfortunately, many popular hot water systems can be overly expensive and complicated to install and operate. Back in 2009 Black Diamond Outdoor Supplies was aware of this contemporary dilemma, and saw fit to find a solution for it. In July 2012, the Country Comfort tankless portable LPG water heater was launched onto the Australian market and became the versatile response to the vanner's/camper's hot water puzzle, offering an endless supply of instant hot water without the need for electricity.

The simple but effective technology behind the Country Comfort allows water to pass through a set of coils that function like a boiler. An electronic sensor ignites a burner that heats the water to your preset temperature within seconds. It's really that easy. Designed with a new, commercial grade heat exchanger that helps optimize the unit's overall durability, this compact device drains easily in case of freezing conditions, and will save you money on your energy costs in the long run thanks to its ultra-low emission levels. It was tested in the laboratory in all conditions over 15,000 cycles to ensure you as the consumer receives' the best quality. Unlike others with baked enamel finishes, the Country Comfort will endure harsh Aussie conditions, whether it's by the ocean or in the desert, with its Stainless-Steel cover for extra durability.

Our unit, because of the compact size and minimum water pressure required is ideal for camping, cabins, RV's, horse/dog wash, horse floats, stables, unpowered properties, farms and caravans. The applications are unlimited.

Being Aussie owned, you have our Company guarantee, that the Country Comfort Water Heater System is the ORIGINAL and the FIRST of its kind certified on the Australian market in July 2012 and we are still going strong as ever in 2018, outselling all other portable hot water systems with over 60,000 units sold.

Every unit is assigned the AS2658 Safety Compliance Plate with Certification number GMK10277.

If you're sick and tired of waiting around for your existing hot water system to work the way you'd like it to, or are ready to take the plunge on the first and only water heater you'll ever need, the Country Comfort team is ready and waiting to introduce you to the steaming hot luxury of the most versatile portable shower system on the market.

Rest assured the Country Comfort Portable LPG Water Heater is the leading brand in portable instant hot water.


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