The Ultimate Winter Camping Set-Up Tips

The Ultimate Winter Camping Set-Up Tips

Are you ready to brave the winter cold and go camping? You can have a cozy and enjoyable experience with the right camping set-up. The team at Country Comfort LPG water heaters are experts in camping and caravanning, and we’re here to give you some tips on having the ultimate winter camping experience. 

We've got you covered, from staying warm to keeping your devices charged. So, let’s get started!

Stay warm with the right gear.

Winter camping means dealing with very cold temperatures. To stay warm, you need to have the right gear. Start with a good quality tent that can handle the cold and wind. A four-season tent is ideal for winter camping. 

Make sure to also bring warm sleeping bags rated for the cold temperatures you will be experiencing. Fleece-lined sleeping bags or those with down insulation are great choices. Don’t forget warm clothing and layers, including jackets, hats, gloves, and socks.

Keep the heat going with the right stove.

A good stove is a must for winter camping. Choose a stove that can handle cold temperatures and has a windscreen to keep the flames going. Propane stoves are great for winter camping. Cooking on a stove will warm up the inside of your tent, but to keep yourself warm, use the stove to heat up water for hot drinks, soups, and stews.

Bring the right equipment to stay connected.

Even though you’re camping, you still want to stay connected to the outside world. Bring a portable charger for your devices to keep them charged. You may also want to bring a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to stay connected to the internet. 

Stay hydrated with hot drinks.

Drinking hot beverages is a great way to stay hydrated and warm in winter camping. Bring a thermos or insulated mug to keep your drinks hot for longer. Using your stove, you can make hot beverages or invest in a portable LPG water heater system like the ones from Country Comfort to preheat your water, so it doesn’t take so long to boil on the stove – do not drink water directly from the water heater. With a portable hot water system, you can wash your hands, and even take a hot shower.

Be mindful of safety.

Winter camping requires extra care and safety precautions. Ensure extra warm clothing, gear, food, and water. Be mindful of the weather conditions and avoid camping in areas prone to avalanches or other dangers. Keep your camping stove away from the tent, and never use it to heat up the tent. Always have a first-aid kit; tell others where you will be camping and when to return.


Winter camping can be a beautiful and rewarding experience if you have the right setup. With the tips above, you’re well on your way to having the ultimate winter camping trip. 

Remember to choose a good tent and sleeping bags, bring a stove with a windscreen, stay connected with portable power and Wi-Fi, stay hydrated with hot drinks, and be mindful of safety. If you have any camping questions, contact the Country Comfort Water Heaters team. 

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