Uses for the Country Comfort Water Heater - Portable Horse Wash

Uses for the Country Comfort Water Heater - Portable Horse Wash

Uses for the Country Comfort Water Heater - Portable Horse Wash

Rhonda here again from Country Comfort Water Heaters. In this blog I want to expand on how there are so many easy and functional uses for the Country Comfort besides camping and caravanning. One that I would have loved when I was growing up was to be able to give my horse a warm bath/wash down after we finished riding for the day. Wow, horses and ponies don’t know how good they have got it these days. My little Welsh Mountain Pony Blacky may not have been so naughty if he was able to get that warm wash down after hours and hours of me riding and having the best days of my life.

At Country Comfort you can spoil your horse with this simple solution. All you need is the Country Comfort Horse Pamper Package. This gives you the water heater, 4m stainless steel non kink hose, a trigger spray nozzle – being a smaller shower head it can produce a stronger pressure to wash down your horse. Being a portable unit, this can be hung in a wash bay, stables or off your float. It can also be connected straight to mains water supply. All you need is your gas bottle and the length of your hose from the mains water to your water heater and away you go. Your horse will love you even more.

Another great idea is making your Country Comfort totally portable for when you are at shows, endurance camps etc. All you need is a hand trolley that can be purchased from either Bunnings, Supercheap etc. A gas bottle, your hose length, a water supply and a 12v pump and 12 battery supply. Just another hint we have either the 6lpm pump or 12.5lpm pump that will run the water heater at full capacity and control your water flow and temperature with complete ease. Everything else in your Country Comfort Horse Pamper package is supplied. Also, don’t forget that not only are you spoiling your horse after the day’s events you are also entitled to be spoiled with having a warm shower.

Country Comfort Water Heater on Trolley 2013

I can remember when we first launched the Country Comfort at the Royal Melbourne Horse Show 2013, we couldn’t keep up the demand making this type of portable horse washes. It was crazy but let me say there were so many clean gee gees that weekend. It was such a big hit doing the horse wash this way. Competitors were just wheeling their trolley down to the wash bay, doing their thing and going back to their float and preparing for the next event. We also

sponsored a few events that year giving the winners the experience of being able to give their horse the perfect wash.

Royal Melbourne Horse Show Presentation 2013

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