1.5m Stainless Steel Non Kink Shower Hose

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Our high quality 1.5m Shower Hose comes as a standard inclusion with the Country Comfort portable water heater that adds style and durability. 

Very easy to use and install - no tools are needed to attach the shower hose to the portable water heater and shower rose.

The exterior of the hose is chrome colour with stainless steel connectors. It's flexible and very sturdy.

The unique inner design ensures the non-kink structure does not get the hose out of shape. The interior is constructed of EPDM rubber which is extremely durable and flexible in that it withstands temperature variations, won't corrode and will last for years.

The hose is equipped with universal fittings and is suitable for most shower types.

Can also be used in household bathrooms etc.

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

Includes: 1 x 150cm shower hose

Connection Size: G 1/2''