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Country Comfort Water Heater

Country Comfort 100lt Water Storage Tank

Country Comfort 100lt Water Storage Tank

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The Country Comfort 100L collapsible water storage tank can be simply folded up and stored away.

Easy to set up and disassemble.It offers the mobility and flexibility not available with other permanent water storage units on the market.

It is ideal for use in remote areas whilst camping as a storage tank for showering and washing with your Country Comfort Water Heater.

It can be used for drinking water in remote areas, roadworks or construction and mine sites. Or it can be just used at parties to keep the beers icy cold.

A tap fixture at the base of the tank allows easy connection of a garden hose or linking multiple tanks together to maximize storage. It also includes a filtered water inlet and outlets.

The tank itself is made from durable laminated PVC.
• 100 litre storage capacity

• Sturdy design with feet
• Easy to set up/disassemble
• Can be placed on uneven ground
• Top plug (with filter) for direct water collection
• Tough zip to allow the lid to open/close
• Water tap included

Dimensions Assembled:
• 425mm Diameter x 780mm Height
• Weight 2.11 kg
• Pack size: 75 cm x 19 cm x 12cm

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